About Us

I've always had an interest in sewing that started with hand sewing some toys when I was young. I didn't use my first sewing machine until grade 10 when sewing was offered as an elective and I fell in love and asked my mum for my first sewing machine for christmas. Once I had my first sewing machine I started making my own clothing including pyjamas, dresses, skirts and shorts and making clothing for family and friends. Whilst I finished highschool and most of my university studies sewing was simply my creative outlet. 

In 2018 I needed coats for my two Great Danes Zelda & Diego (RIP), but I could only buy plain colours in their size. Frustrated, I decided to pull out my sewing machine and make coats to fit their style. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I took their measurements and after 3 prototypes my "basic style" dog coat was born. For the first time in their lives, Diego and Zelda had colourful and well fitting dog coats.

With the encouragement of family and friends Zed Pet Apparel was born. Our name came from The Z from Zelda and The D from Diego, the initial name was to be Z & D, but that didn’t flow. The spanish word for “and” is “y” pronounced just like the letter e, so that’s how we got our name.

Within a month of launching I noticed that my basics style coat wasn't really ergonomic and the dogs couldn't run and play properly while wearing them. This inspired me to try and design an ergonomic dog coat and after 5 prototypes my "chest plate style" coat was born. In 2019, after numerous requests and12 prototypes later my onesies were born.

When winter wrapped up in 2019, I received a number of enquiries for bibs, burp cloths and human clothing so in September,  I launched "Zed Non-Pet Apparel", which I later renamed "Zed Baby Apparel" as I added more items to my range and I found my direction it was clear I needed a new name. I decided I wanted to keep the Zed and a family member suggested Threadz and I really liked that name.

I absolutely love what Zed Threadz and Zed Pet have become today and I'm excited to see what the future holds.