Do Dogs Really Need Dog Coats?

Do Dogs Really Need Dog Coats?

Dogs, just like people feel the cold in winter and many dogs would benefit from having a coat or jacket to keep them warm. However, not all dogs require a coat to keep themselves warm, many double coated breeds such as Huskies, Akita's and Border Collies can tolerate the cold and may not require the extra warmth that a dog coat provides.

What dogs are most likely to need a coat?
There is no strict answer to what dogs are most likely to need a coat, just like people all dogs are different and feel the cold differently. Generally short haired dogs such as Great Danes, Mastiffs, Greyhounds, Staffies, Beagles, Bull Terriers, Dalmatians, GSP etc will feel more comfortable in winter with the extra warmth of a dog coat. Puppies and older dogs of all breeds have difficulties regulating their body temperature which makes them more susceptible to the cold than their adult dog counterparts which means they may also benefit from a coat.

How to tell when my dog is cold?
You can often tell if your dog is cold by watching their behaviour, when cold most dogs will curl up into a ball which stops them losing so much heat from, many dogs will also seek out a warm spot either near a heater or on a soft blanket. Another great way to tell if your dog is cold is by touching the tips of their ears, if your dogs ears are cold to the touch they are likely cold too!

What type of coat is best for my dog?
What dog coat will be best for your dog really depends on your dog along with their environment. Outside dogs often need thicker coats than dogs that live inside and dogs that live inside with heating may not need as thick coats as those that live inside without heating. The next section will discuss some of the different types of dog coats I have to offer along with their best uses. 

Types of Dog Coats
Dog Coat Style Features and Benefits

Chest Plate Style Dog Coat






Chest plate style dog coats are the main style of dog coats I make and they have been designed with a number of key features which make them warm, easy to use and ergonomic.

Chest plate coats are designed with 3 pieces, a back piece, a turtle neck and a chest piece. Unlike many coats that go across the dogs front shoulders/legs chest plate dog coats have a chest piece that comes down between the front legs rather than across which provides a dog far more shoulder range of motion. 

Chest plate style coats are super easy to put on your dog, simply slip it over their head, pull the chest plate down their chest and through their front legs and do up the clip in the middle of their back. 

Chest plate style coats are available in 3 different types/uses:
Fleece Coats are great for dogs to sleep in during winter or to wear during the day on colder days. 
Raincoats are great not only for walks in the rain or snow, but they are also great for dogs that sleep outside as they are warmer than fleece coats and having a smooth surface on the outside means grass, sticks and dirt are less likely to get stuck to the coat.
Towel Coats are great to put on your dog after a swim at the beach or a bath. These coats are made from the same fabric as towels which means they help to dry your dogs fur whilst they are wearing it.


Overcoats are very similar to chest plate style dog coats in that they have the same 3 main pieces, a turtleneck, a back piece and a chest piece. Overcoats also provide the same benefits in terms of range of motion and ease of use.

What makes overcoats different from chest plate coats is that instead of one having one clip that does up in the middle of the back, they have 4 clips (2 on each side). By having four clips that are sewn into the coats, overcoats stay in place far better than chest plate style coats making them perfect for walking, running, playing or any other activity.

Currently overcoats are only offered in two different fabric types:

Standard overcoats are made from heavy duty upholstery fabric and lined with fleece making them durable, warm and stylish for any activities but soft enough for a dog to sleep in. 

 Puffer Jackets are made from a puffer fabric and are lined with fleece. They are great for getting out and about in because who doesn't love a good puffer jacket?

Everyday Style dog coats

Everyday dog coats are a very simple type of dog coat that have Velcro across the front of the chest and on a strap that goes underneath the belly which makes them vey adjustable and super easy to get on and off.  These coats aren't as warm as my other styles of dog coats as they provide minimal bell coverage and do not have a turtleneck. These coats are great for dogs that don't feel the cold as much or as an autumn coat for short haired dogs that find autumn night a bit cold. 

At the moment these coats are only available in one fabric option, but I intend on releasing a summer raincoat in this style in the near future. You can find everyday fleece coats here

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