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Ready Made Chest Plate Style Dog Coat - Small (45cm)

Ready Made Chest Plate Style Dog Coat - Small (45cm)

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Size Chart

Chest plate style coats are much warmer than my everyday style coat and feature a warm turtle neck and an adjustible belly strap. The belly strap comes down the front of the chest, between the front 2 legs and clips up on the back.

The back length of the coat is affected by how it sits at the neck. If your dog measures on the lower end of the neck size, I recommend choosing a coat with a shorter back length.

Please ensure you consult the size chart in the second picture as some dogs may not fit my stock sizing.


Made from two layers of fleece (100% Polyester)

Care Instructions

All dog coats are machine washable but not dryer safe.

Raincoats are cold machine wash only.

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