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Button Up Shirt - Licensed Fabric (XS -XXL Adults)

Button Up Shirt - Licensed Fabric (XS -XXL Adults)

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 Button up shirts are great everyday wear or when you need to look nice but don't want to wear formal attire.


Please note, price is based on size and fabric. Larger sizes and some options cost more, this extra cost will be in brackets next to the size/option, final cost will be calculated at checkout. Button up shirts add to the cart as 4 items; the shirt/fabric, the size and the snap or button option and the fit option. Do not remove any of these at checkout or your order will be cancelled as they are required parts of the order.

These shirts are handmade here in Australia

These Shirts are made to order and may take up to 4 weeks to be made.

Care Instructions

All our products are machine washable. Please check the individual care label that is attached to your product for specific information.

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