Washing Information

Zed Threadz

Prior to sewing, all fabric excluding cloth nappy fabric has been prewashed at 40°c and 1400rpm with Biozet or Omo washing powder. I recommend prewashing everything prior to wear, especially if you have a dog allergy as my home contains dogs.

Clothing (Scrubs, rompers, dresses etc)

All clothing can be washed at 40°c, I do not recommend warmer as they may shrink or run and if they contain plastic snaps they may melt. Anything with snaps should not be put in the dryer, other clothing may be, however items may shrink

Cloth pads/Nappies

I recommend washing using the CCN guidelines


Zed Pet Apparel


All my coats are machine washable in up to 40°c 1400rpm, for coats made of water resistant fabric (i.e. softshell, ripstop nylon) I recommend cold wash only as the water resistancy degrades over time in a hot wash. I recommend line dry for all my coats as the plastic clips can melt in the dryer (I use the dryer on high and 1 of 15 plastic clips melted) and the Velcro degrades overtime (Velcro begins to degrade first dry on high). If they must be tumble dried, I recommend a low heat setting as this reduces the risk of damage.


The onesies are machine washable, I wash them on 40°c 1400rpm. I have never tested the onesies in a dryer, so I recommend line dry only.


The bandannas are machine washable up to 40°c and 1400rpm, they are line dry only as the plastic snaps melt in the dryer. If they are wrinkled they can be ironed on a medium heat setting, just be sure to avoid the plastic snaps.

Snuffle Mats

Shake the snuffle mat outside to remove all dog biscuits and treats, you can hang them on the clothes line and hose them off. They should be dried flat in the sun, they cannot go in the dryer as the mat is rubber. I do not recommend machine washing as the rubber will degrade over time.

Leashes & Collars

I recommend soaking them in warm water with washing powder/liquid, or if your dog has sensitive skin soak them in warm water and doggy shampoo. The collars can be scrubbed with a toothbrush or similar to remove stubborn stains. They can be machine washed up to 40°c 1400rpm but the metal risks damaging your machine, neoprene lined collars are cold wash only.

Training Mats

Unzip the cover, remove the mat insert and throw it in the wash. If the mat has a cotton top rather than canvas, I recommend cold wash only as the cotton can shrink. Canvas can be washed on warm, but I do recommend cold wash only. You can also hose off the covers to clean them.

The inserts can be hosed off or warm gentle machine wash. They cannot be tumble dried as this will destroy the foam.